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Fragrance Breakdowns

Work Collection

Hyper Focus - Vetiver known to improve focus
Creative Spark - Frankincense & Myrhh known to improve creativity
Take Five - Toasted Coconut to help calm you down

Base Emotion Collecition

Melancholy Monday - Rain Shower known to bring a sense of sadness
Firey Fumes - Woodsmoke which is a known irritant
Beautiful Bliss - Citron and Mandorin known to boost mood

Summer collection

Popsicle Paradise - Firecracker Ice pop, with sugar for a youthful vibe
Coastal Journey - Orchid & Ocean scent brings a sense of adventure
Sunkissed Summer - Solar sands & Suntan Lotion bring a sense of nostalgia

Winter collection

Evergreen Frost - Fraser Fir for a festive feeling
Autumn Ambience - Bay leaf & Tobacco brings a sense of elegance
Warm Vanilla - Vanilla to bring a sense of comfort

Peace of mind collection

Zenful Oasis - Patchouli to help relax you
Tranquil Teatime - Green Tea brings revitalized and uplifting vibe
Fully Grounded - Ambery notes to bring a grounding feeling

Grief Collection

Reflective Sorrow - Nag Champa & Smoked Oud for ceremonial reflection
Sweet Memories - Honey & Tonka brings sweetness from honey and bitterness from tonka
Feelin' Loved - Rose notes for that loved feeling

Dive into the mind

"Practicing acceptance helps individuals to acknowledge their feelings and experiences without judgment. This non-resistant approach to personal experiences often leads to reduced levels of anxiety, depression, and stress, fostering an overall improvement in emotional well-being."

"The associations revealed that individuals who can best modify their emotional expressive behavior have the highest well-being, disposable income, and socioeconomic status."

"Acceptance dynamically modulates respiratory rate. Acceptance enhances both positive emotion and positive emotion and negative expressivity. Acceptance shows strong cardiovascular similarities with non-regulated situations."

"Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware and intuitive. They are aware of their own emotions and how they can affect those around them. They also pick up on others' emotions and body language and use that information to enhance their communication skills."


All of these items are handmade

mbodi is not responsible for the actions taken by an individual prior to, or during the burning of any mbodi candle. mbodi is intended for a brief use, with the guidance of emotion in a healthy manner.


I typed my address in wrong what do I do?

If you have the wrong address applied just shoot us an email through our contact page and we will reach back out to you!

What are your candles made of?

Our candles are made from 100 percent eco-friendly soy wax, soy wax colors, along with safe candle fragrances. 

What is the burn time for each candle?

Each candle burns for 9+ hours.

What is your pr0cessing time?

Within 24-48 hours MOnday through Friday

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