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Mixing scent and sound to create an atmosphere to emotionally accept


A conversation:

"pfft, YOUR family??
And What's that?"

"Okay, im listening"

"ooo okay, okay. 
Well how does that help with emotions?"

"I think i created something where my family won't go from zero to one-hundred so quick"

"so look,
I created a candle that you can vibe out to when lit"

"for instance, if you're sad, you can light a rain scented melancholy monday and throw on a paired sad playlist with it to accept how you feel"

"Because dummy, you can mbodi how you feel and then blowout the candle when you're ready to move on with your day. That way emotions don't boil over and explode"

"YOO, That sounds sick!
let me get 3,
and a discount haha"

"It's called emotional acceptance and it has a lot of positive benefits"

*Through the power of researched-backed fragrances, and a personal playlist attached to each candle (created by myself and our customers) you can experience both scent and sound to emotionally accept how you feel.

Pflugervilles Pfarmers Market Customer

"This is literally the coolest thing I've seen at a farmers market"

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